Disconnect on OpenBSD

Loomis, Rip GILBERT.R.LOOMIS at saic.com
Tue Feb 12 03:32:55 EST 2002

Based on my experience this is usually due to one of
two things outside of SSH:
 - You're accessing the system through a firewall
   that has an idle timeout set (the situation here).
 - Your login shell on the server side has an idle
   timeout set--this is particularly common with

You might check the above--I *don't* believe that it's
anything specific to OpenSSH or OpenBSD 3.0, though,
since I use both regularly along with other platforms.
Every time something like this has happened to me or
other folks here, it's always turned out to be one
or the other of the above.


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> Hi.
> I'm using OpenBSD 3.0 server with default installation of OpenSSH 3.0.
> My problem is that sshd disconnect inactive session after unknown 
> interval.
> I use OpenSSH on varios platforms and no where else sshd does not 
> disconect inactive users.
> Any clues?
> yuliy
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