[openssh-dev]: disable ProxyCommand from being used?

openssh openssh at jguk.org
Tue Feb 12 13:56:44 EST 2002


Thank you for the sugestions.

How about this?

  $ ssh -d localmachine

Currently -d is not in use in the ssh --help list. Could a "-d" options 
be added to disable the use of the ProxyCommand?

also is there any reason why ssh --help is not in alphabetical order? 
numbered options first then alphabetically.


> Sounds like the majority of the time, he's connecting to hosts that require
> proxy support to connect to.  Occasionally though, he connects to something
> on his local subnet, and would rather go directly.  Using a .ssh/config
> would override his remote connections, and:
> ssh -o ProxyCommand="" user at host
> ...doesn't work.
> There are four possible solutions that come to mind:
> 1) Have a separate config file, ssh_noproxy, then do:  ssh -f ~/ssh_noproxy
> user at host
> 2) Find some way to use the weak conditionals in the config file to only
> apply the ProxyCommand to hosts outside the present subnet.  I don't think
> this is possible.
> 3) Create a shell script, sshp, with the following command:
> #!/usr/bin/bash
> exec ssh -o ProxyCommand %h %p $@
> then use sshp instead of ssh whenever accessing ssh using a proxy
> 4) Add null proxy parsing so that command line can eliminate the
> proxycommand entirely.

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