SRP Patch Integration?

Damien Miller djm at
Tue Feb 12 17:24:58 EST 2002

On Mon, 11 Feb 2002, Patrick Ryan wrote:

> Attached below is the license from SRP 1.7.4.  The license claims the SRP
> distribution is free, does not depend on any encumbered algorithms, and is
> licensed under a BSD style license, including the "author attribution"
> provision from the original BSD license.  If you are still unsure if SRP
> is okay to use, Tom Wu, as the author of the SRP protocl, will certainly
> be an authoritative source to say whether it is patented and to address
> other concerns.

You didn't read Niels' email properly - he was referring to the EKE and 
SPEKE patents which antedate SRP and may cover it, not the licensing 
conditions of SRP itself. There has been a fair amount of doubt raised in 
the past over this.

We are not interested in lay discussion on whether or not this is the 
case, we would be interested in *legal* (i.e from an IP lawyer) opinions 
on the matter.

>  * 2. Any software that incorporates all or part of the SRP distribution
>  *    itself must display the following acknowledgment:
>  *    "This product includes software developed by Tom Wu and Eugene
>  *     Jhong for the SRP Distribution ("

I am ambivalent about this too. Display? where? (docs?, runtime?)


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