SRP Patch Integration?

Theo de Raadt deraadt at
Wed Feb 13 08:03:18 EST 2002

> Now, I am not a lawyer (which means I am going to try and think poorly
> like one, I know), but how is having a patent at all related to whether or
> not something is free? Isn't that a licensing issue, which is, I thought,
> entirely separate from a patent?

Since we are talking about completely free software, I am astounded
you are unable to think this through.

> Doesn't a patent just effectively
> register an idea with the federal government and prevent other people from
> claiming that they had the same idea first?

No.  They establish a fee payment schedule.

> Doesn't this then prevent
> other people from coming in and charging other people for something which
> you thought up and which you were going to allow people to use for free?

No.  In my experience, there is no such thing as a defensive patent.

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