hang on exit

Markus Friedl markus at openbsd.org
Thu Feb 14 09:21:29 EST 2002

On Wed, Feb 13, 2002 at 01:51:53PM -0800, Frank Cusack wrote:
> > all other patches did discard data for the non-pty case, too, and this
> > is not acceptible.
> Ahh, that is a notable distinction.  What does openbsd do for the non-pty
> case?

for the non-pty case ssh blocks (on OpenBSD, too), like rsh does.

> Neither do I.  I just rewrote a bunch of scripts used locally to explicitly
> redirect /dev/null for fd {0,1,2}, which seems more correct, IMHO.  I'll
> put this patch into production and give some feedback in a month or so.

yes, this is what daemons and scripts should do.
the can print to stdout, but when they have done
initializing they should close stdout.

but many people here seem not to agree.

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