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Edward Avis epa98 at doc.ic.ac.uk
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On Thu, 14 Feb 2002, Michael Stone wrote:

>>enable unencrypted connections.  I understand that the OpenSSH
>>maintainers don't want to support this in the main release, but it is
>>useful to me and to some others.
>People keep saying that, but you might as well benchmark it--I've
>always seen that there's enough slowdown in other places that turning
>off encryption doesn't really buy you much on a modern machine.

I will certainly benchmark and post a summary of results to this list.
With SSH v1 protocol there seemed to be a noticeable speedup, but I need
to get some concrete numbers.

This seems like a good moment to ask another question: should I prefer
RSA or DSA authentication with protocol 2?  I have heard mumblings that
DSA is somehow less secure (or less banged-upon) than RSA, and that now
the RSA patent has expired there's no reason to use DSA.  DSA seems a
lot slower, so I would like to switch if possible.  I hope this question
is not off-topic for the developers' list, it does need a real expert to
answer it.

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