[Bug 120] sshd fails pty chown() when run as non-root userid

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Tue Feb 19 20:37:20 EST 2002


------- Additional Comments From idallen at freenet.carleton.ca  2002-02-19 20:37 -------
I'm not a pty expert.  I don't think you can "snoop" characters from a pty
without preventing them from going to the original application.  If the pty
is opened O_EXCL, I think that locks out anyone else.  (Actually, given
the documentation below, it seems that only one process can open the
control half of the pty even without O_EXCL.)  Certainly many 
unpriv applications manage to use ptys without being root.  I just haven't
programmed that in a decade or so, so I don't know the current methodology.

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