purpose of scp -B?

Rachit Siamwalla rachit at ensim.com
Wed Feb 20 11:50:26 EST 2002

Batch mode does not require ssh-agent.

Useful in non-interactive scripts (you don't want a any questions blocking your script).

It also supresses the "host key not found, are you sure you want to continue connecting?" question. (basically fails instead unless some conf variable is set to ignore it).


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> Subject: purpose of scp -B?
> Does anybody know the intention of scp -B?

I assume you're talking about OpenSSH....  (there's no such option in
the 'scp' that comes with SSH-3.1.0) 

> Is it for batch mode processing?

     -B      Selects batch mode (prevents asking for passwords or passphras-

Yup, seems so.....

>  I assume
> that it does not require an ssh agent running.

I dunno -- have you tried it (I never use ssh-agent in the first place
so I wouldn't know if it's still needed with 'scp -B' or not).

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