Call for testing.

mouring mouring at
Thu Feb 21 04:31:35 EST 2002

Recently we made somemajor changes to do_child() in
OpenSSH -current.  Those changes included splitting it up
into smaller chunks to help with readability and also to
extract out IRIX and AIX specific code to reduce the number
of lines in our diffs against the OpenSSH tree.

I need people to do some testing on different platforms to ensure
that all the right #ifdef/#endif bits got put back in right.

The main platforms I'm concern with is AIX, IRIX, and OSF.  Since
those had the most amount of #ifdef/#endif within the code.  However
Cygwin and Linux (PAM) also was in there (I know it compiles under
Redhat 7.2, just could not do a running test).

Grab it here:

Or from any openbsd mirror site.


- Ben

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