Weird problems on solaris 7 & 8

Justin Hahn jeh at
Tue Feb 26 01:27:26 EST 2002

> I can't replicate this, nor can I see this in the code.  In 
> Solaris 2.5.1 nor 7.

After several hours more poking around it appears it had something to do
with openssl. I don't quite know what was causing it, but a rebuild cleared
it up.

I can no longer reliably reproduce this, but something was VERY VERY wrong
with openssl. (I went back to the code tree that produced it and it failed
make test with a segfault)

> What compiler are you using?  I've done compiles using gcc 
> (forgot which version), and an OLD ProC intel.

gcc 2.95.3, gcc 3.0.3 and SunPro 6 update 2 (all solaris...)

Anyhow, sorry for the false alarm. It didn't occur to me for some time that
it could be openssl. 



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