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------- Additional Comments From Darren.Moffat at Sun.COM  2002-02-26 08:45 -------
Solaris does actually provide a libpam.a for 32bit binaries.  Solaris has
no static libraries for 64bit - because static linking is evil and almost
never needed by 3rd party developers.

However static linking against libpam doesn't make much sense, libpam's job in
life is to bring in dynamic modules.

The only time you should be statically linking is when the binary is critical
to system startup or recovery and can run without any external dependancies.
Using PAM fails this check since the modules it needs for authentication
may not be available and in a default Solaris install are in the /usr/ 

I would really discourage any one from doing static linking on Solaris as
the binaries are not guaranteed to be upwardly compatible if you do - static
binaries could even fail when adding patches.

* Static linking prevents libc_psr.so.1 from working for platform
  specifics. This library automatically enables dynamically linked
  programs from linking in platform specific versions of various
  library routines which are optimized for a particular platform.
  These include platform optimized versions of some string functions
  and other frequently called functions.

* Patches to system libaries for bug fixes and performance enhancements
  are not automatically picked up by the application.

* Security fixes in system libraries are not available to statically linked

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