Locale problems on Solaris

Scot Elliott scot at poptart.org
Thu Feb 28 03:36:22 EST 2002

Ahh I think you're right yes.  In Solaris, the /etc/default/init variables
are set by init and inherited by all system processes, hense creating a
default locale.  In the environment of the sshd running on my Solaris box,
the LC_ and LANG vars are set, but not in the shell that's run by sshd.
So the setlocale() done by the shell doesn't do anythng.  I OpenSSH
removing these variables before exec()ing?


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On Wed, 27 Feb 2002, Dan Astoorian wrote:

> On Wed, 27 Feb 2002 05:59:12 EST, Scot Elliott writes:
> > Actually from a quick truss of a telnetd process, it seems it calls
> > setlocale().  I'd suggest that's the way to go rather than reading in
> > /etc/default/init.
> I don't think setlocale() solves the problem.  I believe it's the case
> that setlocale(LC_...,"") uses the LC_*/LANG environment variables (as
> opposed to setting them); and that nothing setlocale() does is inherited
> through an exec*() call.
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