UseLogin under AIX 4.3.3

Manton, Doug dmanton at
Thu Feb 28 22:49:32 EST 2002

If I enable "UseLogin" under AIX, I get the following message upon
  /dev/pts/2: 3004-004 You must "exec" login from the lowest login
The manpage states:
"In order to preserve the integrity of the system, only one session at a
time is
allowed to be logged in to a port. This means that the login command
from the shell prompt cannot succeed, as both the original session and
the new
login session would be on the same port. However, the exec login command
succeeds because a new shell replaces the current one. The login command
typically a built-in shell command, causing the shell to replace
Any ideas how I could fix this?  I wouldn't usually enable this option,
but I am trying to PD a problem on a system that will not trust a user
account that comes in via SSH and I am hoping that using login will
solve the problem.
Many thanks,
Doug Manton, AT&T Business Commercial Security 

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