[PATCH] fix sftp to preserve permissions and uid/gid

dknodel at csc.com.au dknodel at csc.com.au
Wed Nov 6 10:07:13 EST 2002

> Don't know...I don't like that idea.   Mainly because the remote side
> not be UNIX and it may not be a sane thing to do.
> Plus I'm not sure this is really something that sftp should be doing to
> start with.
> - Ben

I can see that it may not be appropriate for sftp to always do this, but
a command-line option and built-in sftp toggleable setting for this would

> On Tue, 5 Nov 2002, Gary Fernandez wrote:

> > Sftp fails to correctly preserve permissions when fetching a file.  It
> > write permission for the owner (presumably so it can write the file).
> >
> > Sftp also fails to preserve the uid/gid.  Added code so that if is
> > as root, uid and gid are preserved.
> > patch is based on Openssh 3.4p1.
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- David Knodel

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