problems with -R

Ed Peschko esp5 at
Wed Nov 6 10:45:08 EST 2002

ok, more about the password item... I'm still in the thick of it (looking at 
deja and trying various solutions), but is it messy. 

IMO, ssh should *not* be this difficult; users/passwords from /etc/passwd 
should be automatically enabled to connect without going through hoops like 
this. In short:

	a) if a system uses md5 passwords, configure should *auto-detect* it, 
	b) if permissions are incorrect on a home directory, ssh should state that.
	c) If a 'permission denied' error is given, it should state *why* permission       was denied.

And so on.. this learning curve is not endearing me to openssh (although at the 
same time, I must admit that it is providing me an invaluable service).

Anyways, if there is a troubleshooting FAQ to look at, I'd love to see it. 
Any advice on getting through this issue is greatly appreciated as well.


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