Help with channels.c?

cjs 2895 cjs2895 at
Wed Nov 6 18:23:10 EST 2002

Dear Sirs,

I have recently discovered the remote port forwarding feature of ssh and see 
a lot of potential there to fill a unique need in a unique environment. I 
would like extend this feature minimally to enable remote hosts to connect 
to the remotely forwarded port or ideally to allow remote hosts to connect 
to a dynamically forwarded remote ports (ie a reverse socks4 tunnel).

I've invested several hours into the cause and so far I'm having a little 
bit of trouble following how the "channels" are set up, and I was wondering 
if someone could post a summary of whats going on -- particularly in the 
case of remote ports being forwarded.

Assistance is appreciated and I'll post a summary of any responses received 
at a later date. Please reply in private.


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