OpenSSH and hostname resolution issues on Solaris

Darren Tucker dtucker at
Fri Nov 8 07:50:25 EST 2002

Hannu Liljemark wrote:
[DNS problems]
> Worst case the machine never gets past starting sshd during
> boot, but usually you "just" can't reach the machine with ssh.
> The OpenSSH in question is anything from ~2.9 to 3.5p1,
> compiled with tcp_wrappers and sshd: ALL in hosts.allow (if
> that matters). OS is Solaris 8, but I think we've had it in
> Sol7 as well.

Some of the commands in ssh_prng_cmds might rely on DNS (the arp command
is a common offender) and thus hang. This will cause ssh-rand-helper to
hang. It's supposed to time out but didn't always. See

> Some simple solution for the problem we've haven't
> noticed?


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