Will OpenSSH fallback to internal PRNG?

Eddy eddygeez at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 9 02:04:49 EST 2002


I'm wondering if OpenSSH automatically falls back to the internal
PRNG (such as used on Solaris) when it can't use a better alternative.

The reason I ask is this: the machine I am compiling OpenSSH on has
the /dev/random patch for Solaris 8. I'd like OpenSSH to use
whenever possible, if it exists. However, I'd prefer NOT to have to
compile a separate version that doesn't use /dev/random for the Sol8
boxes which do NOT have the /dev/random patch. If OpenSSH falls back
to the internal PRNG, then great, problem solved! If not, how hard 
would it be to implement such a feature?

I'm hoping OpenSSH automatically "falls back" to its internal PRNG
if it can't use/find a "better" one that it was compiled with.

(Similar thing would be when using something like 'prngd'; what happens
if the daemon isn't running? Will OpenSSH fall back to internal PRNG,
or are you SOL?)

Thanks for any insight!



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