Why is 'moduli' installed where it is?

Eddy eddygeez at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 12 10:18:51 EST 2002

[ OS: Solaris 2.8 ]

Curious why 'moduli' is installed in the "--sysconfdir' directory?

Isn't this machine-independent and therefore should go in the
"--datadir" directory?

Also, it seems to me that the datadir/sysconfdir/sharedstatedir/
localstatedir would be more useful if they were set up (or further
expanded) to better support packaging of OpenSSH.

For example, the binaries, man pages, 'moduli' and 'ssh_prng_cmd'
files are "machine independent" (for a given architecture) and
should be installable under their own, site-wide distributable
package. (i.e., under something like


The machine-specific files, such as 'sshd_config' and 'ssh_host_key',
etc. should be able to be separated into a machine-specific package
As it stands now, the host keys, moduli and ssh_prng_cmd files all
live in the same directory, requiring that non-machine-specific data
be stored in the machine-specific location that contains the host keys.

I can't find any easy way to make this split (machine independent
vs. machine specific) given the current build system without modifying
pathnames.h and Makefile.in.

Comments or suggestions?

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