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Thu Nov 21 06:54:19 EST 2002

Circa 2002-11-20 11:03:12 +0000 dixit R.A.Owen:

: Hello,
: Firstly thankyou for developing openssh - it is a great tool.
: Secondly I'm not subscribed to this list - sorry!
: It would be helpful to log the key comment to syslog when logging in using
: private key authentication.

Key comments can be manipulated by the user who has the key.  Putting
them in the log would produce a false sense that you know what's going
on.  The fingerprints, however, are not able to be changed.

: Perhaps the syslog message should include the key fingerprint too/instead
: of the  key_comment. ie: [...]

The key fingerprint is logged if you set LogLevel to VERBOSE in

: I'm sure I would not be the only one to benifit from a better audit trail.
: I have looked briefly at the code but I'm not up to the job so no patch is
: attached!
: I hope that you find this idea a usefull one and that it get's added to
: the "ToDo" list.

Actually, it's added to the "Done" list.  ;)

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