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Request for urgent business Reletionship


first i must solicit your co-operetion in this transaction, give the fact
that we have not known before i therefore seekyour permission in this regard.I 
get your contact from a member of
goverment delegation who visited overesas on trade mission .I am MR JOHN CISSE, 
the head of accounts departtment in ECOWAS
INTERNATIONAL BANK ,Republic of benin , cutonu.we have in the records in 
ouraccount department an investment account belonging to
 Engneer KELVIN MICHEAL An oil merchant totaling us$35.725.00Unfortunately 
Engneer KELVIN MICHEAL died during the sept11th 2001 on
terrorist attact on world trade center (wtc)usa.Ashead of the accountdepartment 
i have the mandate of the account which stpalates that in the
event of the death of the account hulder the next of kin to lateEngneer KELVIN 
MICHEAL should make claims for the fund .It is now over one
year this incedent happend and we have not heard from anybody as nest of kin to 
the account holder and all efforts to contact the
family of late  Engneer KELVIN MICHEAL from the bank have not yeedled no resuld 
,it is assumed that they are not aware of the
 deposlt.Based on the policy of the bank any account that is inactive for
 overone year the will dealare it domant and close the account in thir
favour.in view of the policy and bin order to sefganrd this fund, iam my
colleagueshave decided to contact you to front as Engneer KELVIN MICHEALnext of 
and make claim for the relcase of the fund to you .We wist to assure you
that this businss is risk fee as we will perfect all arrangement for the
 smorth release of the fund . you will be adequalelyrewarded at the successful 
and of thetransation . If you are interested in
this proposal , kindly contact meon this email.r234 at mail.com.comso that i will 
forward to you detail and
modalities on how to condude the transation including the name fo you will
bear as the next of kin .Thank you in intcipation of you favourably reply.

john cisse

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