[Bug 440] Protocol 1 server key generated at start up even when P1 not used

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Fri Nov 22 10:26:59 EST 2002


------- Additional Comments From bruno at wolff.to  2002-11-22 10:26 -------
I have tested this on 3.1p1 and was able to apply the diff to 3.5p1
without an error but wasn't able to test it yet.
Just for clarification I am starting an instance of sshd for each
connection. (Using inetd on one set of systems and tcpserver on
another.) So that the extra key generation is once per connection,
not server startup. It isn't that big of a slowdown, but it is
an unnecessary one.
I have a copy of the diffs I used to fix the problem at:
This should illustrate what I am complaining about.

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