I am writing "HOW-TO install and integrate ssh on Mac OS X" ... (Where can I publish it?)

Robert robertLinux at gmx.de
Wed Dec 3 10:50:54 EST 2003

I want to install my own ./config(ured) version becorse I disabled 
everythin I don't need.

If I install in /usr/bin, the next software upgrade will replace it 
(when a newer OpenSSH version comes out).

Any thoughts?


Am 02.12.2003 um 01:31 schrieb Andrew Farmer:

> On Mon, 01 Dec 2003 12:26:41 -0800, Robert muttered:
>> So you see I am interested to use OpenSSH on my Mac with the same ease
>> as I use other programs on OS X...
> Uh...
> OS X already comes with OpenSSH installed. It's not a proprietary Apple
> implementation.
> If you want to use your own config, replace the one in /etc.
> If you want to use a newer version, replace the one in /usr/bin.
> If you just want to install another copy of SSH on top of the one 
> that's
> already there, WHY?
> -- 
> Andrew Farmer
> andfarm at thibs.menloschool.org

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