ssh not resolving host names on HP-UX 11i

Tim Rice tim at
Fri Dec 5 12:30:54 EST 2003

I can't remember if this was answered or not. (cleaning out old mail)

This might help.

On Tue, 28 Oct 2003, Tom Orban wrote:

> I posted a message about this problem late last week, never heard
> anything back, so I have to assume other folks did get a working ssh
> (3.7.1p2) binary built on HP-UX 11i. Just to refresh, my ssh package
> that I built on HP-UX 11i works fine, except that the ssh binary doesn't
> seem to go to DNS to resolve host names.  So the only way I can ssh to
> other machines is to put their host entries in my /etc/hosts file, or
> type their IP address instead of the hostname on the command line. 
> Since that's a really unsustainable workaround, I've grabbed the 3.7.1p2
> ssh binary that I built on an hp-ux 11.00 box and use it with the rest
> of the package that I build on 11i.  Ugly, but it seems to work.

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