ssh not resolving host names on HP-UX 11i

Tim Rice tim at
Fri Dec 5 16:03:14 EST 2003

On Thu, 4 Dec 2003, Tom Orban wrote:

> The problem ultimately appears to be with the getaddrinfo that is
> supplied with HP-UX 11i.  In the ssh configure, it tries to see if
> there's a getaddrinfo available.  If so, it doesn't use the one in the
> openbsd-compat directory (file is fake-rfc2553.[ch]).  (this is what
> 11.00 automatically uses).  Since 11i does have a getaddrinfo, it tries
> to use that, but it appears to be broken.  So I just added the following
> lines to configure (around line 3782)
>         cat >>confdefs.h <<\EOF

Is it safe to define BROKEN_GETADDRINFO on all HP-UX 11 machines?
Ie. can we match *-*-hpux11* from config.guess?
Or do some 11 machines work?

> >>> Tim Rice <tim at> 12/04/03 06:30PM >>>
> I can't remember if this was answered or not. (cleaning out old mail)
> This might help.

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