ssh not resolving host names on HP-UX 11i

Tom Orban TORBAN at
Sat Dec 6 05:13:24 EST 2003

Well, as I said below, on HP-UX 11.00, there isn't a getaddrinfo
library call provided by HP.  So when configure runs, it doesn't find
getaddrinfo at all, and tells config.h to use the getaddrinfo that's
provided in openbsd-compat/fake-rfc2553.c.  To be more specific, in
config.h on HP-UX 11.00, this is how the relevent symbols are defined
(or undef'd, as the case may be):


While on the HP-UX 11i ( or HP-UX 11.11) build, config.h has those
symbols defined like so:


Actually, when I did a diff on the config.h's from the different OS
builds, there's a bunch of related *INFO differences, where they're /*
#undef'd */ in 11.00, and #define'd in the 11i config.h  Some include
you a diff of them, or for that matter the config.h's from each build if
that will help you.

NOTE:  the only reason I got BROKEN_GETADDRINFO defined to 1 in 11i is
because of the little modification to the configure script that I
describe below (adding that stuff to confdefs.h around line 3782).  If
you don't do that, you won't get BROKEN_GETADDRINFO defined on 11i, and
you'll end up using HP's one, which appears to be fudged up.

Hmmm... On the tie in from *-*-hpux11* to config.guess, I'm not
following you.  I don't find that symbol (hpux11) in config.guess at
all.  Perhaps you mean just to add the BROKEN_GETADDRINFO thing to
configure for all hpux11 builds (like what I described below)?  If so,
I'd imagine that would work, since even though it would define
BROKEN_GETADDRINFO  to 1 for both 11.00 and 11i machines, it really
wouldn't matter in 11.00, since I'm assuming that it would still end up
with /* #undef HAVE_GETADDRINFO */.  As long as HAVE_GETADDRINFO is NOT
defined, I think everything should work, (since the getaddrinfo routines
in openbsd-compat/fake-rfc2553.c will get built and linked.  Is this
what you were asking?

To answer your 2nd question  (or do some 11 machines work?) -- let me

HP-UX 11.00:  works with no modifications because it uses the
getaddrinfo out of fake-rfc2553.c  (because HP doesn't provide a
getaddrinfo call)
HP-UX 11i (or 11.11):  does NOT work if you allow it to use HP's
getaddrinfo. My solution was to make sure BROKEN_GETADDRINFO was

So is this what you were asking?


>>> Tim Rice <tim at> 12/04/03 10:03PM >>>
On Thu, 4 Dec 2003, Tom Orban wrote:

> The problem ultimately appears to be with the getaddrinfo that is
> supplied with HP-UX 11i.  In the ssh configure, it tries to see if
> there's a getaddrinfo available.  If so, it doesn't use the one in
> openbsd-compat directory (file is fake-rfc2553.[ch]).  (this is what
> 11.00 automatically uses).  Since 11i does have a getaddrinfo, it
> to use that, but it appears to be broken.  So I just added the
> lines to configure (around line 3782)
>         cat >>confdefs.h <<\EOF

Is it safe to define BROKEN_GETADDRINFO on all HP-UX 11 machines?
Ie. can we match *-*-hpux11* from config.guess?
Or do some 11 machines work?

> >>> Tim Rice <tim at> 12/04/03 06:30PM >>>
> I can't remember if this was answered or not. (cleaning out old
> This might help.

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