ssh not resolving host names on HP-UX 11i

Tom Orban TORBAN at
Tue Dec 9 05:44:38 EST 2003

Geez, you bring up a good issue.  No, I have only run ssh on IPv4.


>>> Darren Tucker <dtucker at> 12/07/03 03:10AM >>>
Tom Orban wrote: 
> How much will it really matter?  I believe the key symbol when
> compiling really is HAVE_GETADDRINFO.  I think BROKEN_GETADDRINFO is
> only used to determine whether to undef HAVE_GETADDRINFO. 

Defining BROKEN_GETADDRINFO will disable IPv6 support.  Do you know if
OpenSSH works with IPv6 on HP-UX 11.11 (ignoring the name resolution

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