problems with openssh 3.7.1p2 on AIX 4.3.3

Alexander Peuchert Alexander.Peuchert at
Wed Dec 10 23:47:19 EST 2003

I already sent this mail to the secureshell at mailing list, but
that seems to be spammed...

I searched the mailinglists and googled for this problem, but had no luck. So I
hope that someone here knows a solution.

I have to change the sshd daemon on two AIX 4.3.3 machines from a
version to openssh3.7.1p2. The openssh daemon runs fine and I can log in, but
when I do a 'su' inside a openssh session I get an error. The error is below:

$ su
You entered an invalid login name or password.
3004-501 Cannot su to "root" : Authentication is denied.

I already had a look at the su account. It's neither expired nor looked. And if
I reuse the daemon, the 'su' works.

As me not being an AIX expert I'm quite stuck here...

thanks for your help, Alexander

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