problem in uidswap?

Tom Orban TORBAN at
Sat Dec 13 16:04:07 EST 2003


I've compiled openssh 3.7.1p2 on a DG/UX machine, using openssl 0.9.7c, zlib-1.1.4, and tcp_wrappers7.6.  ssh itself seems to function ok, but sshd does not appear to be functioning properly for non-root users.  After connecting and providing a password, the connection is closed, and we appear to get 3 messages in syslog like the following:

 fatal: permanently_set_uid: was able to restore old [e]uid

It appears this may be coming out of uidswap.c

As I mentioned, this problem does *not* occur if I'm logging in as root.

I don't know if this is relevent or not, but UsePrivilegeSeparation is set to no.

Any ideas/suggestions on this?

FYI, this problem only came up since 3.7.1p2.  We had 3.6.1p2 installed previously (using openssl 0.9.7b), and it worked just fine.

Thanks for any help/info you can provide.


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