Fedora FC1 RPMs

Jason McCormick jason at devrandom.org
Fri Dec 19 06:45:12 EST 2003

> the issue more is do we treat Fedora as a different Linux release or
> assuming contrib/redhat/ means "Redhat Advanced Server".  Or try to
> shoe horn the two RPM builds together.
> Offline, I suggested that we treat them differently and just setup a
> contrib/fedora sometime in the future.

  I'm almost done with a contrib/fedora and will submit it as soon as I 
can get AnonCVS to check out for me again (something up with 
anoncvs.be.openbsd.org?).  My only gray area in the future is that 
Fedora is the "test bed" for RedHat Enterprise so it may be that in the 
future contrib/redhat and contrib/fedora will merge again.  But 
probably not for awhile yet.

  The only other solution I have is in the .spec file to just say 
--with-kerberos5 and not provide a path to any Kerberos library and 
just trust that autoconf will fine the right include files.  I'm not 
sure why /usr/kerberos was hard-coded in the .spec file but I'm 
assuming it was for a good reason.  Anyone know?

  As for -devel packages being installed in RPM-based systems, it's 
pretty much a given you're going to need them unless you're never going 
to do anything but install pre-made binary packages.  Even if you're 
rebuilding a source RPM it's going to need stuff from -devel packges. 

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