SSH for OS/390 (ODBC SSH-Tunneling to OS/390)

Daragh Fitzpatrick Daragh at
Sat Dec 20 03:45:11 EST 2003

Hi Martin,

	my name's Daragh, and I'm a renewal projects architect in the
University of Chicago. I saw your name on a listserv - openssh-unix-dev. I
was hoping you could lend some insight to a problem we're trying to solve.

	We are trying to find a way for an Oracle database to connect
securely to a mainframe  (OS/390 running Model204 DB) through ODBC (Open
Database Connection protocol), which is session-based. 

	The vendor that is providing the ODBC listener on the Mainframe side
says they can provide SSL encryption as an alternative, but there are no
SSL-enabled ODBC drivers on the distributed side that we can find. 

	We hoped we could use SSH-tunneling, but it appears the only
'obvious' implementation has EBCDIC-ASCII issues, and so can't handle binary
(now, I don't know for sure that ODBC is binary, but I'm hedging my bets.)

	I saw on a website that you have been looking at this, and I was
wondering if you have implemented it to a level which we can try it out, or
can point us in the right direction if we're going down the wrong path...

	Many thanks in advance for any help you can give.

Happy Holidays!



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