Mac OS X Keychain Support

Will M. Farr farr at MIT.EDU
Sat Dec 20 04:56:46 EST 2003


I'm a Mac OS X user, and I got tired of typing my password every time I 
want to login, but didn't want to use ssh-agent and the like.  So, I 
grabbed the code for OpenSSH 3.7p1, and made some modifications which 
allow passwords to be stored and recalled from the OS X Keychain.  The 
reason I'm posting to this list is that I'd like to make these 
modifications available to others, and I'm curious whether you would be 
interested in including them in OpenSSH; I know that this is pretty 
operating-system specific (as far as I know, keychain is unique to OS 
X), but I changed to test for keychain support when it 
detects a darwin operating system, so it shouldn't bother people who 
don't have mac os X.  Should I diff my code against the standard 3.7p1 
and give you guys a patch?

Will Farr
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