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Sun Dec 21 12:10:06 EST 2003

supraexpress at wrote:
> The "--disable-strip" configure option is required as the Solaris9-X86
> linker/loader will not be able to load any of the executables and will
> display a "Killed" message. Similarly, 'ldd' will fail with a "file has
> insecure interpreter" error message.

That's a bug with the "strip" from GNU binutils, specifically < 2.13 
when stripping binaries linked with Solaris' own linker.

Upgrade your binutils, put /usr/ccs/bin first on the path or delete the 
strip from binutils.


> Performing a loader or ldd test from the OpenSSH installation directory on the
> compiled executables within the installation directory will succeed, verifying
> that the unstripped executables are what is needed.

Configure is complicated enough without having to second-guess buggy 

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