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Tue Dec 23 20:30:09 EST 2003

Unfortunately, I'm at home for the holidays, and my laptop is having modem 
problems which isolate it from the remainder of the world.  I'll submit a patch 
to this list as soon as I get these problems worked out.  

The code is very simple; I just modified the readpass.{c,h} files to check 
whether a keychain item with the same name as the password prompt exists, and 
if so to use the password from the keychain, before calling the BSD 
readpassphrase function.  If the user types in a password at the prompt, ssh 
asks whether that password should be stored on the keychain.  Of course, I also 
changed to check whether a program using the Keychain API compiles 
(this check only occurrs if the system name includes "darwin") before enabling 
the feature.  If I get some time, I'll add the following improvements: 1) allow 
the user to choose not to use the stored password in the keychain and proceed 
to the prompt 2) allow the user to designate certain passwords as non-saveable, 
so he or she isn't prompted and forced to say "no" every time he or she types a 

Someone asked how the system knows it's running a GUI so it can display 
the "unlock keychain" dialog.  I don't know precisely how Apple does this, but 
if you ask for a password from a locked keychain, the system automatically 
calls the unlock function, which is able to display the necessary window 
widgets.  Since OS X always runs the GUI (except in single user mode), I don't 
imagine that this is very complicated.

I'm not an expert on your policy about including code which uses non-open-
source APIs, but I'll post a patch to this list anyway as soon as my computer's 
modem issue is resolved.  

Sorry to keep you waiting.


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> I think what Mr. Farr is referring to is keychain support. Keychain is 
> provided as part of OS X. Apple published an API for it. An OS X 
> compile would store and retrieve keys from Keychain in lieu/addition to 
> the SSH Agent. Keychain is to OS-X what the ssh-agent is to ssh. This 
> makes perfect sense, and I haven't been sufficiently peeved to do this 
> yet, but I have dreamt of this myself.
> It really should be up in the sysdep stuff. That way you can distribute 
> a tarball. People can test that, and later it can get merged into the 
> ssh tree.
> For now, I, if not others, am interested in this code. Please do share: 
> either diffs or tarball!
> On Dec 21, 2003, at 11:11 PM, Damien Miller <djm at> wrote:
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> > On Sat, 2003-12-20 at 04:56, Will M. Farr wrote:
> >> Hello,
> >>
> >> I'm a Mac OS X user, and I got tired of typing my password every time 
> >> I
> >> want to login, but didn't want to use ssh-agent and the like.  So, I
> >> grabbed the code for OpenSSH 3.7p1, and made some modifications which
> >> allow passwords to be stored and recalled from the OS X Keychain.  The
> >> reason I'm posting to this list is that I'd like to make these
> >> modifications available to others, and I'm curious whether you would 
> >> be
> >> interested in including them in OpenSSH; I know that this is pretty
> >> operating-system specific (as far as I know, keychain is unique to OS
> >> X), but I changed to test for keychain support when it
> >> detects a darwin operating system, so it shouldn't bother people who
> >> don't have mac os X.  Should I diff my code against the standard 3.7p1
> >> and give you guys a patch?
> >
> > Is the OS X KeyChain fhee software? If so, then send a patch to this
> > list.
> >
> > -d
> >
> ---
> Jeremy McMillan

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