OpenSSH + PADL + password aging

Roylance, Stephen D. SROYLANCE at PARTNERS.ORG
Wed Dec 24 05:46:50 EST 2003

Both warnings and expiration messages work correctly with openssh-SNAP-20031221
and no other changes in my configuration.  Will the next release have this code
included?  When is that planned?

Thanks for your help,
Stephen Roylance
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Roylance, Stephen D. wrote:
> First, my config:
> Solaris 8
> PADL pam_ldap v165 and pam_nss v211
> OpenSSH 3.7.1.p2
> All compiled with gcc 2.95.3 that ships with the Sun companion CD

 > I would like to turn on
 > password aging, which seems to be well supported by pam_ldap.

Could you please try a snapshot[1]?  There have been several PAM-related 
changes, including some code that does the changes via SSH2 
keyboard-interactive that works with privsep on.

[1] or one
of its mirrors listed at

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