[Bug 413] Port forwarding: [localhost:]localport:remotehost:remoteport

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About attachment (id=217)

- ssh_config.5 should be updated too (options LocalForward and RemoteForward)
- we should set GatewayPorts to yes in ssh config to use new forward shema.

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- fix segfault, when we use LocalForward and RemoteForward in ssh config.
- make ssh option GatewayPorts obsolete (might this option is useless with new
forward shema?).
- correct forward messages in ssh.c

What about readconf methods:
  void add_local_forward(Options *, const char *, u_short, const char *,
  void add_remote_forward(Options *, const char *, u_short, const char *,
to be changed as follows:
  void add_local_forward(Options *, const Forward*);
  void add_remote_forward(Options *, const Forward*);
In first case developer should read C file to see agriment meaning. Second case
is more obvious.

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