((AllowUsers || AllowGroups) && !(AllowUsers && AllowGroups))

James Dennis jdennis at law.harvard.edu
Thu Feb 20 02:22:37 EST 2003


I could've sworn OpenSSH was for Unix and ran under NT only in cygwin. 
Does it matter what NT is setup to do then? I suppose superuser could be 
system-dependent, but I think Ben is right. If you have multiple 
accounts with uid 0, you haven't set your system up correctly.

> Ben, you *know* that's not exactly true.  On NT there's a superuser
> group ("Administrators" on english versions) and there's an arbitrary
> number of accounts which could be members of that group.  Even this
> description doesn't completely cover the complexity of possible rules
> used in NT systems and regardless of my own opinion, this is *fact*.
> I don't think it's the correct way to deal with this by ignoring it.
> That's the reason I already asked at least twice for changing all
> 	if uid == 0
> or similar to
> 	if is_root(uid)
> with is_superuser being system-dependent.
> Corinna


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