Slow connection performance - ssh2

Damien Miller djm at
Fri Jun 6 01:13:47 EST 2003

David M. Gibson wrote:
> Using ssh2 via agent to connect through proxy to sshd host. Each
> connection (client to proxy, proxy to host) takes an average of 22
> seconds, totaling approximately 44 seconds for a complete connection.
> Debug logging with vmstat directed to the same file indicates two points
> where a majority of time is spent (have looked at the similar postings):
> debug1: expecting SSH2_MSG_KEX_DH_GEX_GROUP (*6 seconds*)

If your device is really slow, you can turn DHGEX this off by renaming
/etc/moduli to something else. ssh protocol 1 may be faster (but is less

You may also be suffering from DNS lookup delays.


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