Extensions for long fat networks?

Rick Jones rick.jones2 at hp.com
Sat Jun 14 08:53:00 EST 2003

Damien Miller wrote:
> Paul Hyder wrote:
> > Before I get too far in my attempts...
> >
> > Has anyone already implemented support in scp for larger
> > buffers/windows that would take advantage of wscaled TCP
> > windows?
> Shouldn't this be done at the system level? That way all apps would benefit.

Not all apps may need/want the throughput in all cases.  So long as a
socket buffer setting isn't a preallocation it likely isn't a Big Deal
(tm). Though, I suppose a really sharp/correct TCP would enable
timestamps along with the window scaling, and if one isn't really using
the larger window, the overhead (albeit small) of timestamps is wasted.

Something like what netperf does seems to work pretty well - if the user
specified value is 0, use the system setting, otherwise ask for what the
user specified.

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