upgrade from 2.2p1 to 3.4p1

César Soler csoler at nextel.es
Wed Jun 18 01:21:32 EST 2003


We are trying to upgrade the openssh version from 2.2p1 to 3.4p1, but
we have found many issues/problems. If somebody could tell us any clue
to solve them, it would be appreciated:

- ssh client version 3.4 seems to be incompatible with sshd 2.2. is
this true or just we have not found the right options at the command line?

- we have thought to solve the previous issue to rename de old ssh to
ssh2.2, the new one to ssh3.4, and write a shell script that calls each
one depending of the remote server. Now the problem is that the ssh2.2
only can execute as 'ssh': if it is renamed, it doesn't run (ssh22,
ssh2.2, ssh2...) and take the binary name as the hostname....

we have been looking for any related info, (in google, in the list
archive...) but have not been able to solve it....

Thanks for your help and time!
Best regards,
 César                          mailto:csoler at nextel.es

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