ssh-agent protocol

Bart Matthaei bart at
Wed Jun 18 18:29:43 EST 2003


I don't know if this is the right place for this question, but here goes:

I'm building an application for Mac OS X to manage the ssh keychain.
I'm planning on building a seperate socket where ssh can connect to, read
data from it, and forward it to the wrapped ssh-agent if neccesary.

I want to notify the user when ssh is trying to request keys when there
aren't any keys added yet. I suppose I can strace ssh / ssh-agent to figure
out the communcation syntax, but is it documentated somewhere ?
And more importantly, will the syntax ever change ?

Kind Regards,

Bart Matthaei

Bart Matthaei                 bart at 

There's no sex in struct sockaddr_in ..

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