patch20 fails

Darren Tucker dtucker at
Sat Jun 21 12:21:08 EST 2003

rrr55 at wrote:
> I am using GNU patch.  I used the source from from apr 29th.  I
> realized that I was using a version that I had patched.  I started again
> w/fresh source and the patch was successful, but now compilation fails
> w/auth.c.  Prior versions had no problems patching/compiling.
> ==========================
> In file included from auth.c:41:
> auth.c:630: too few arguments to function `loginfailed'
> auth.c: In function `auth_debug_add':

You're using AIX 5.2, right?  As of 5.2, loginfailed() takes a 4th
argument.  For a discussion and quick fix, see

That 4th argument seems to be optional.  At some point I added the
#include that defined loginfailed, which is why it now breaks.

I guess I should have configure test for and define AIX_LOGINFAILED_4ARGS,
and add an ugly #ifdef...

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