Patch for Socks5 support for dynamic portforwaring?

Bob Proulx bob at
Thu Jun 26 07:36:33 EST 2003

Markus Friedl wrote:
> oldsleepi wrote:
> > has anybody seen a patch that provides socks version 5 support for
> > the dynamic portforwarding feature?
> why?  we removed that feature:

I am sure I am missing something in this thread.  Perhaps someone can
educate me?  What is deficient about using system call redirection to
support socks?  (e.g. Dante 'socksify ssh'.)  Or baring that using the
ProxyCommand for socks?  I thought the whole argument for ProxyCommand
was that it moved the need for hacks like socks out of ssh and made it
a modular plugin of whatever version of socks or other was needed.


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