This letter can change your life

James Dennis jdennis at
Tue Mar 11 01:28:05 EST 2003

This sounds good, should it be integrated into OpenSSH? :P

A little monday humor for you..


Adolph Gorman wrote:
> This letter can change your life. In fact, I guarantee it.
> If you had one opportunity to have everything you ever wanted,
> would you grab it, or simply walk away?
> I have such an opportunity. One that can change your life forever. 
> There is a problem, though, it sounds too good to be true. A great 
> opportunity can sound exactly like a bad one. How is a person to know 
> what is real and what is hype, or just a scam? Well, the only way to 
> know for sure is to try it. That is how I earn my living.
> I analyze opportunities, and try the ones that show the most promise. I 
> can eliminate most of them from the first email (or ad) I read. My years 
> of experience have taught me how to recognize common marketing tactics 
> that lead a person to believe something is much better than it actually is. 
> CES is a company that is operated on the principal that helping others 
> to be successful is not only the right thing to do, but the smartest 
> thing to do, if you really want to be successful. We know we can make 
> $3,000 to $15,000 a month, in 6 months or less, for you. In fact, we are 
> so confident in our ability to do this that, if you work with us for six 
> months and you do not reach your goal, we will double the money that we 
> recommended you spend on starting and running your own business. We 
> would have to be very good, or incredibly stupid, to offer this kind of 
> guarantee if we didn't think we could back it up. We can only benefit if 
> you are successful. There is no other way for us to benefit. It also 
> means we have to have a 100% success rate because to even double 1% of 
> our client's money could be financially devastating.
> Remember, at the beginning of this letter I told you about an 
> opportunity to change your life forever?
> In order to market successfully, we (CES) have to have a product. It is 
> that product, combined with our system that creates this amazing 
> opportunity that anyone can be successful with. You can earn more money 
> than you ever thought possible. What if you knew, eighteen years ago, 
> how successful Microsoft would be? Would you have joined them? AOL 
> started ten years ago - - - would you have become involved knowing what 
> you know now?
> If you knew for sure you would be making $3,000 to $15,000 per month 
> within 6 months, would you want to be a part of it?
> Our product has something in common with both AOL and Microsoft. It is a 
> product that the world undeniably needs. In fact, 98% of the people who 
> use our product continue to use it month after month. And the reason is 
> that everyone who owns a computer needs our product. The company that 
> offers this product has grown faster than any company in history. It's 
> the first of its kind, and at present, has no competition. By the end of 
> their first month in business, they already had customers in 73 
> countries! So, here is your chance to have everything you ever wanted 
> --- RISK FREE! Will you grab it, or walk away?
> With our system, we are going to get you 5 members. Then, we are going 
> to get them 
> 5 members. It is through this teamwork and our totally automated system 
> that anyone can use that will make it possible for you to earn $3,000 to 
> $15,000 a month in only 
> 6 months. 
> Of course, you should also look at the "other side". What's the worst 
> thing that can happen? You get double your money back. Then, there is 
> the expense issue. You will have to spend between $42 to $185 to start, 
> and run, your own business. The guarantee would reimburse you TWICE that 
> if we don't deliver you the income level promised in six months. So is 
> it worth it to you to find out if this, indeed, is the opportunity that 
> will change your life forever?
> If you would like more info on this opportunity, please send us an 
> email. <mailto:opportunity at> Your 
> requested
> information will be emailed back to you ASAP. Your email address is used 
> solely 
> for the purpose of sending you more information. 
> Your information will never be sold or traded.
> vgfYwhBxPpjjQZkFhkb

James Dennis
Harvard Law School

"Not everything that counts can be counted,
and not everything that can be counted counts."

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