[Bug 423] Workaround for pw change in privsep mode (3.5.p1)

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Wed Mar 12 03:37:30 EST 2003


------- Additional Comments From rusr at cup.hp.com  2003-03-12 03:37 -------
Regarding the name space collision with the log function, the collision is not
in libsec as comment #3 asserts, but is in lib_pamunix. While in trusted mode
and attempting to generate passwords for the user, lib_pamunix calls the log(3M)
function from the math library. (see also Bug #484). Although you could say that
libraries should be statically linked, no one has any real control over
dynamically loaded libraries (like all pam libraries). Comapnies can write their
own and link them however they wish. For that reason, it is safer to avoid
re-using function names that are found in common system libraries.

This is why HP-UX trusted mode has failed during do_pam_chauthtok() when the
system is generating a password for the user.

As far the case where HP-UX trusted mode fails when the user picks a password,
see bug #473 (which is marked as a duplicate of this bug) for an explanation of
why do_pam_chauthtok() fails.

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