Call for testing for 3.6

Wendy Palm wendyp at
Thu Mar 13 07:08:22 EST 2003

cray is broken also wrt nanosleep().

additionally, there's a stupid locality error that cray is having a problem with in scp.c.

a variable "limit" has been added at line 99.
this causes an incompatible declaration with cray's limit function defined in /usr/include/sys/resource.h
which is included in includes.h.

so, i either need to not include <sys/resource.h> in includes.h (which seems to be unnecessary anyway,
everything compiles without it) or change the name of the limit variable in scp.c.
personally, i'd prefer to rename the variable.  i might have missed something important in resource.h.

thanks much,

Tim Rice wrote:

> On Thu, 6 Mar 2003, Ben Lindstrom wrote:
>>I'd like to see more tinderbox setups (Darren, I'll be talking to you in
>>private, but I have a Sol9 box I'd like to add to the list soon).  It
>>would help to know where we stand for broken platforms.
> UnixWare and SCO are broken.
> I guess I'd better whip up a nanosleep() replacement.

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