Changes to OpenSSH for NetWare

Ben Lindstrom mouring at
Tue Mar 18 07:04:08 EST 2003

Too much to audit before 3.6  .. WAY too much.  I seem semi-questionable
thing and other items that should be considered in every platform.  Plus
debugging code that should have been stripped.

This patch the way it stands would make it even harder for us to keep
merged with the OpenBSD tree.  Consider revisiting it with the idea that
you touch the least amount of code within the main tree and using
openbsd-compat/port-netware.[ch] when you can logically do it.  I believe
I asked you this last time you posted.

Also I see stray sprintf() wandering around.  We prefer snprinf() (same
goes with strncpy() to strlcpy()).

BTW.. error(); exit();  should be fatal();

- Ben

On Mon, 17 Mar 2003, Vince Brimhall wrote:

> I have attached a diff file with the changes to existing OpenSSH source
> files to
> accomodate the NetWare platform.  All changes are #ifdef wrapped using
> one in
> one of the following defines:
> HAVE_NETWARE	- Building for NetWare
> USE_EDIR	- Using eDirectory(TM) for authentication.
> NICI		- Using Novell International Cryptography Infrastructure
> (NICI)
> I have successfully built the OpenSSH-3.5p1 source with my changes on
> RedHat
> 7.2 and 8.0.
> Regards,
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Vince Brimhall
> Senior Software Engineer
> Web Services
> 801.861.1724
> vbrimhall at
> Novell, Inc., The leading provider of Net Business Solutions
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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