This release or next.

Ben Lindstrom mouring at
Tue Mar 18 14:30:43 EST 2003

I think we need to revisit the whole 64bit integer support.

It has crept from sftp over to scp now.  And I think we are at a point

# If we don't have int64_t then we can't compile sftp-server.  So don't
# even attempt to do it.
if test "x$ac_cv_have_int64_t" = "xno" -a \
        "x$ac_cv_sizeof_long_int" != "x8" -a \
        "x$ac_cv_sizeof_long_long_int" = "x0" ; then

should be changed to state 'Your platform is not supported with your
current compile.'

I don't think the scp.c can be done without 32bit without fear of
overflowing down the road.

Other than sco w/out gcc.  What platforms does this affect?  If it is just
sco.  I really believe we need to make this move.

- Ben

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