Logging sessions.

goudal at enseirb.fr goudal at enseirb.fr
Tue Mar 18 19:21:04 EST 2003

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I upgraded to the last openssh and I have found the followin problem :
it is not possible in the logs to match the end of a session with the begining.
In the previous versions, with no secure separation, the pid found in syslog 
do the job, but now the opening and closing processes are different.

I have done an horrible hack to get the info : I have added the print of the 
in the closing messages, as it appears that the closing process is the son of 
opening one. But it's juste an hack. I imagine that this modification does not 
a security problem.

Could it be possible to attache an id to each session so that it is possible 
to match
opening and closing event ? Or is there an hidden problem that I have not seen 


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