Agent Socket Directory

Mark Janssen maniac at
Wed Mar 19 21:33:15 EST 2003

On Wed, 2003-03-19 at 06:04, imacat wrote:
>     Is it possible to move agent sockets to directories other than /tmp?
> For ex., move to /var/run/ssh?
> PID files and sockets should always go to /var/run.  I understand that
> it is not possible for an ordinary user to write to /var/run, but it is
> possible to create a subdirectory under /var/run that has the permission
> of 1777.  Besides, I hate to see a lot of annoying things in /tmp.  It

Isn't that just moving the problem (to /var/run) and making it bigger in
the process, since there will then be _another_ world writable
directory, and in /var this time. I'd rather have only 1 world writable
directory, /tmp, which I can put in it's own filesystem.

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